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The laws are always changing and they aren’t getting any less complicated. We’re here to turn even the most perplexing rules into plans that are easy for your team to follow and manage. We help you obtain permits that minimize burdens and maximize operational flexibility. For any of these services, contact us to get your problem solved quickly and affordably.

Air Quality & Regulatory Support

State and local air pollution regulations continue to change under the Clean Air Act. We’ll not only clearly explain compliance requirements and options, but do all that needs to be done to get you in compliance. Our air quality and regulatory support services include:

Preparing SIP, Title V and PSD air construction and operating permit applications, compiling emission inventories and conducting BACT evaluations for proposed and expanding facilities.

Conducting criteria pollutant and toxics dispersion modeling and environmental assessments involving air quality issues, and preparing Risk Management Plans.

Developing compliance plans to ensure easy and adequate data collection, recordkeeping and reporting.

Assisting with ongoing emission and process data collection, reporting and recordkeeping, emission statements and fees.

Our engineers have performed emission inventories and completed PSD, Title V and SIP permit applications at over 500 facilities, including those of:
Our clients for Air Quality & Regulatory Support

Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans

Are you prepared for a worst-case oil spill scenario? These days, the law requires you to be. Recently, the EPA has implemented new SPCC deadlines and rule definitions that every company storing gasoline, oil, or solvent needs to be aware of. We can help you stay in compliance with SPCC requirements by:

Determining rule applicability to your facility and equipment and creating SPCC Plans that are easy to implement.

Conducting any required tank and piping integrity testing with our in-house certified inspectors.

Designing secondary containment systems for even the most corrosive, toxic and mobile chemicals.

Preparing and updating all your response plans (FRP, HWCP, SWP3, RMP) and streamlining into an Integrated Contingency Plan.

Resolve has developed, implemented, and certified SPCC plans at dozens of facilities, including major petroleum tank farms and oil distribution terminals, military installations, and transportation hubs. Our Plans have passed the most stringent audits by EPA, US Air Force and Coast Guard. Clients include:
Our clients for Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans

Tank Integrity Testing

Federal regulations such as the EPA’s SPCC Rule require periodic integrity testing of storage tanks to ensure their reliability. Determining the appropriate inspection standard, scope and frequency can be half the battle. We can make sure your tanks are up to par with minimal or no interruption by:

Selecting the optimum integrity test program for your needs—one that meets all legal requirements but avoids unnecessary expense or tank downtime.

Performing internal and external tank and piping inspections with our STI and API certified inspectors.

Preparing and certifying comprehensive reports to document each tank inspection, identify future tank testing intervals, and provide recommendations for any necessary corrective actions.

Updating and PE-certifying SPCC Plans to integrate with updated inspection standards.

Over the years, we’ve performed tank integrity tests at DOD facilities, manufacturing plants, industrial wastewater plants, and oil terminals. Clients include:
Our clients for Tank Integrity Testing

Water Quality & Regulatory Support

The most complex regulations demand the most creative solutions for your company to thrive in an increasingly challenging environment. Resolve has an impressive track record of advancing unique compliance strategies and attaining local, state and EPA approvals. From complex biological modeling to routine Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3s), Resolve helps you find the optimum solutions by:

Preparing complete NPDES and Industrial User permit applications with data evaluation to minimize sampling requirements and maximize discharge limits.

Introducing unique solutions and targeted strategies, including stream delistings, water quality modeling, bioavailability modeling, and site-specific water quality criteria development.

Developing a custom, thorough SWP3s that covers every last detail of the permit requirements.

Delivering a checklist-based compliance system that’s easy for your team to implement and keep up with.

Our engineers developed the first site-specific water quality standard in Georgia and have prepared SWPPPs for hundreds of industrial facilities throughout the southeast and midwest, for clients like:
Our clients for Water Quality & Regulatory Support

Environmental Site Assessments & Remediation

Whether buying, selling or refinancing a property, the first order of business from an environmental perspective is to minimize your risk exposure for any past or future environmental contamination. Resolve can help you comply with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and ensure you’re protected by:

Performing a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) where needed, whether it be a large, vacant tract, residential site, recreational area, or office building.

Completing the assessment according to the latest ASTM Practice E 1527 protocols.

Utilizing risk-based exposure approaches and brownfield redevelopment opportunities to optimize remedial strategies.

Implementing Phase II ESAs (i.e. soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling and evaluation) and Phase III ESAs (i.e. soil and groundwater cleanup).

We’ve successfully performed hundreds of environmental site assessments for clients including:
Our clients for Environmental Site Assessments & Remediation

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